We have introduced recursive search in version 4.8 which has been improved since to use native protocol features when available for faster results. Hit ⏎ in the browser search input to search recursively for matching filenames in folders. The following protocols have a server side index that is used to give fast results without recursively descending into folders.



    Ever since CyberDuck was updated to v.6, the ability to limit the number of parallel connections has stopped working. I always limit mine to 1 so that I can queue downloads while I am away from my computer. But it doesn’t work anymore. Every time I try limit or prevent parallel downloads, CyberDuck still allows it. Even when I change the setting to only allow single connections, it doesn’t work. PLEASE FIX IT.

    It’s very frustrating. Even afater all the updates released after v.6, this bug remains unresolved. I am emailed you multiple times since April with no response.