This post is a reminder, that Cyberduck for Windows has been available in Chocolatey – a package manager for Windows – for some time. Chocolatey, some people want to call it apt-get for Windows, allows to install and upgrade software from the command line. Refer to the Cyberduck for Windows package information or just run choco install cyberduck if you are already familiar.

Mountain Duck 1.7

Mountain Duck 1.7 is now available with a focus on fixes for stability and performance improvements by an improved connection management. On Windows, the user interface is completely rewritten based on the Windows Presentation Foundation.

Mountain Duck 2.0 coming this spring will support transparent client-side encryption using Cryptomator interoperable vaults to secure your data on any server or cloud storage mounted.

Tabs Everywhere

If you have installed macOS Sierra, you can now use tabbed windows in Cyberduck 5.2 or later. You might want to enable tabs by default when choosing File → New Browser by selecting in System Preferences the checkbox Dock → Prefer tabs when opening documents: Always. New browser windows and the transfer window will then be displayed in a single window frame with a tab bar. You will also new menu items View → Show Tab Bar and Window → Merge all Windows.


Refer also to Use tabs with apps on your Mac.