We are hiring!

Help shaping widely used products in an open source development environment!

We are looking for an experienced Java enthusiast to join our team as an employee or long term freelancer (work from anywhere). You help us to drive the integration of cloud storage services into Cyberduck & build the next major features for Mountain Duck.

Please refer to our job advertisement for more information.

  • Knot Snappy

    Sounds like it would be a dream job if I was more experienced with Java. If only I could dream, I love CyberDuck!

  • I wanna work for you.

  • the_vinci

    I think email for your Trac Helpdesk or Wiki is down. I registered but didn’t get a confirmation email. My question is HOW DO YOU CREATE A DIRECTORY with the Duck CLI?

  • mikey

    What is going on with last update of Mountain Duck? I get an info “no valid registration key for version 2.1.0”, Order trial, buy or continue (works for a few minutes). Can you please sort the problem out.