I have now moved the Cyberduck source to a subversion repository using cvs2svn. The head of the repository can now be checked out using
svn co or a specific branch using for example svn co

cvs2svn Statistics:
Total CVS Files: 3155
Total CVS Revisions: 27819
Total Unique Tags: 6
Total Unique Branches: 34
CVS Repos Size in KB: 126719
Total SVN Commits: 1647
First Revision Date: Mon Feb 10 21:12:49 2003
Last Revision Date: Sun Nov 27 15:04:31 2005

Cyberduck 2.5.1

  • [Feature] Dragging files to application icon will upload to frontmost browser
  • [Feature] Printing browser view
  • [Feature] Universal Binary
  • [Bugfix] Child items not refreshed properly in outline view
  • [Bugfix] Warning before overwrite when moving or renaming files
  • [Bugfix] Dragging files to the places them at the dropped position
  • [Bugfix] Always selecting parent directory as drop target when dragging to outline view
  • [Bugfix| Updated application and document icon
  • [Bugfix] Number of files in browser window not displayed correctly
  • [Bugfix] Don’t recurse into directories when deleting symbolic links
  • [Bugfix] Overwriting group writable files