Copy files between servers

The latest release available as of today as version 4.2 substantially improves support to copy files from server to server. Open two browser windows each with a connection to any server and drag files and folders between the browsers to copy files. A transfer is added to the Transfers window reading data from one server and uploading to the destination concurrently. This is much faster than in previous versions without creating any local temporary files but streaming directly from one remote server through the local host to the other server.

Copy from SFTP server to Rackspace Cloudfiles.

Enable server side encryption for AWS S3

The latest snapshot build of Cyberduck for Mac & Windows allows the configuration of server side encryption for files in Amazon S3. Server side encryption provides you the ability to encrypt data stored in Amazon S3. You can encrypt data on upload simply by selecting AES256 as the default encryption algorithm for uploads to S3 in the Preferences or selecting the checkbox in the Info panel for data already uploaded. Decryption happens automatically when data is retrieved.