Hidden Option

As of Cyberduck 2.7.2, there is a new hidden preference to display the items in the bookmark drawer using less screen real estate. Only the bookmark’s nickname is displayed and the row is about one third as usually height. To enable open a Terminal.app window and enter defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck browser.bookmarkDrawer.smallItems true. Relaunch Cyberduck.

Cyberduck 2.7.2

  • [Feature] Option to use single connection for browser and transfers [#57]
  • [Feature] Option to remember open browser windows and reconnect upon relaunching the application [#59]
  • [Feature] Delay for spring-loaded folders can be set [#633]
  • [Feature] Calculate size of directory [#5]
  • [Feature] Duplicate files using option-drag [#150]
  • [Feature] Per bookmark setting for download folder [#158]
  • [Feature] Per bookmark setting to use single connection for browser and transfers [#–]
  • [Feature] Kind column in browser describing file type [#46]
  • [Feature] Advanced settings in connection and bookmark window in disclosable view
  • [Feature] Added PageSpinner to the list of supported editors (http://www.optima-system.com/pagespinner) [#205]
  • [Bugfix] Disconnecting in the background not blocking the user interface [#–]
  • [Bugfix] Folders marked as inaccessible after timeouts and cannot be opened after reconnecting [#611]
  • [Bugfix] Applescript/Dashboard should not use seperate session for transfers [#–]
  • [Bugfix] Cannot write to group writable files (SFTP) [#173]
  • [Bugfix] File length is set to zero if updating permission fails (SFTP) [#974]
  • [Bugfix] Directory listing is not refreshed when upload is completed after “Try Again” [#982]