Dashboard Widget

There is no a dashboard widget thanks to Claudio Procida. Get it here.


The widget offers an easy way to quickly upload items to your favorite FTP or SFTP server using Cyberduck. Open a Cyberduck widget on your Dashboard and flip it to configure it with the details of your server. Either choose a server from your Cyberduck bookmarks dropdown list or type server, username and path by hand.

Then, select a file from the Desktop, a Finder window, your iPhoto library etc. While you’re dragging the file, show Dashboard by hitting the hotkey or dragging the file into your hot corner. Drop the file on the Cyberduck widget and that’s it! Your file will be uploaded.

Update: The Cyberduck Widget made it into the staff favourites in the dashboard download section at apple.com 🙂

Note on the crash reporter

You may have noticed that version 2.5.5 comes with a new crash reporter that will pop up a dialog asking to send me a report after relaunching the crashed application. It is much more lightweight than the previously used input manager from Unsanity (which you can deinstall from ~/Library/InputManagers/Smart Crash Reports if you want) and has been developed by Uli Kusterer.