Amazon S3, the cloud storage service Cyberduck can connect to, supports a versioning feature. This allows to revert to previous revisions of a file replaced in S3. The latest snapshot build of Cyberduck supports versioning in S3 in the following way:

  • Toggle the versioning status using File → Info → S3
  • Display previous versions and deleted files in the browser using View → Show Hidden Files. Past revisions are displayed in a grey text colour and can be downloaded or permanently deleted like regular files.
  • Revert files to a previous version using File → Revert or the Browser context menu.
  • Optionally enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Delete

New Localizers needed!

I am looking for new maintainers of the Russian (ru.lproj), Korean (ko.lproj), Thai (th.lproj), Indonesian (id.lproj), Polish (pl.lproj), Hungarian (hu.lproj) and Chinese (Traditional Characters) (zh_TW.lproj) localizations in Cyberduck. Please spread the word and let me know if you would like to contribute. The existing translations can be found at (look for the *.strings files) and are already fairly complete but not updated with the latest changes. You should subscribe to the localization mailing list to receive further updates.