Make those icons big

There are several user interface refinements in the latest update to Cyberduck 3. First, you may have noticed the prominent new Open Connection icon contributed by Dietmar Kerschner in the toolbar. Also, you can now choose to display 64 pixel sized icons in the bookmark viewer with larger font size. This configuration option makes the new bookmark icons designed by Robert Curtis shine.

Large bookmark icons

Also, there is a new hidden configuration option to adjust the font size in the browser window if you have readability problems with the default setting.

Donation Keys

There is another compelling reason to upgrade to the latest 3.2 release of Cyberduck besides the usual enhancements and bug fixes the update provides. As a contributor to Cyberduck you receive a donation key that disables the donation prompt which is displayed periodically when quitting the application. Enter Cyberduck Premium Edition sort of.

When contributing money using Paypal, a key is automatically emailed to you. Contributors of localizations, icon design or similar should request a donation key from me. Also if you sent me a DVD from Amazon please contact me as I do not receive your address from Amazon.

If you have donated previously to Cyberduck via Paypal and have not received a donation key, you can recover your key.