“Like an old Volkswagen Beatle”

The news and blog coverage of the 3.1 release of Cyberduck was broad and welcoming. Some excerpts here:

Cyberduck 3.1 Released

Version 3.1 has been released into the wild today! Read about all the new features and enhancements in the changelog.

Update: A bugfix release is available for a crashing bug affecting some users and restoring compatiblity with MobileMe iDisk and other WebDAV server implementations. Use the ‘Check for Update…’ feature in Cyberduck to automatically update your already installed version. If your 3.1 installation crashes immediately on launch, open Terminal.app from the Utilities folder in your Applications and paste the command exactly as below
defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck connection.login.name myusername
This will set a default username that was previously empty and caused version 3.1 to crash. Relaunch Cyberduck and install the automatic update.