Mountain Duck 1.7

Mountain Duck 1.7 is now available with a focus on fixes for stability and performance improvements by an improved connection management. On Windows, the user interface is completely rewritten based on the Windows Presentation Foundation.

Mountain Duck 2.0 coming this spring will support transparent client-side encryption using Cryptomator interoperable vaults to secure your data on any server or cloud storage mounted.

  • Mick

    What are the limitations of the trial version ? I could not find this info on the official site!

  • Tom

    We’ve compared Webdrive and Mountain Duck and our employees clearly prefer Webdrive because of it’s much better usability.
    Technically, Mountain Duck is better, but the usability is annoying because the Mountain Duck “UI” does not stay open. We prefer a real application which keeps open and easily allows to manage different connections (without to have to open the application over and over again because it disapperas after each command).

    It was our hope that the WPF-Redesign brings a real usability improvement 🙁

    Kind regards, Tom

  • Dan Weaver

    Can we look forward to B2 support in Mountain Duck 2.0? 🙏 😌

    • Archibald Buttle

      I sure hope so – it’s why I bought it; have been patiently waiting so far…