• Matthew Parsons

    +1 thank you!

    Question – how will it handle “orphaned” files that belong to the connected user, but don’t have any folders (tags) associated with them?

  • garychencool

    Hi, I’m having a problem using this program for Google Drive. When I upload stuff, it seems to stop uploading after 4GB of content. The content is multiple video files. I tried to open a ticket but clicking on the links to register does nothing and there doesn’t seem to be an email address to email to either about this problem I am facing.

  • s shanky

    Is it possible to encrypt the files stored on google drive?

  • s shanky

    Like this product for windows: https://stablebit.com/CloudDrive. You can encrypt the online contents. I would love to be able to do that too, especially if we could obfuscate filenames as well, or store as blocks as CloudDrive does.